October 28 - November 15, 2022

installation view:

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この度、THE LOOP GALLERYでは2022年10月28日(金)から11月15日(火)まで、土井沙織の個展『門は開かれたり』を開催いたします。

The Loop Gallery is pleased to present THE GATE WAS OPENED, a solo exhibition by Saori Doi from October 28 through November 15, 2022.


The soil-textured objects in Doi's works are drawn using materials like mineral pigments and construction materials. Doi developed a distinctive style with the face and legs facing on the side and the body facing the front, which reminds us of an ancient Egyptian murals.



土井沙織の描く人間が、動物が、植物が敵でも味方でもなくただそこに存在している世界。そこにはヘイトも優劣もなく、ただ淡々と”今”という時間が流れています。 戦争や差別など、正論だけでは解決することが難しい問題ばかりの現代社会において、土井の作品は、私たち人間が時には愚かであり、時には愛すべき存在であることを改めて思い出させてくれることでしょう。是非実際に会場に足を運んでご高覧ください。

Creating artwork is a way to feel the existence of something bigger than human comprehension, more like a ritual for her, inviting you to a mystical and sublime vibe. We could say that the mysterious creature represents not only the emotions we used to have as children, which is a combination of pure and cruel, but also seems like a symbol of coexistence with other living creatures. Their sharp and bright eyes with crooked smiles give a painting personality.

The art piece “Hagoromo” was created just for this exhibition, originally from the old tale ”ten no hagoromo”. The hunter meets a heavenly maiden while she is bathing in the mountains, falls in love and takes her feather robe so that she is no longer able to leave, ending up making her his wife. In the story, she is the most innocent and submissive person you can imagine; in contrast, she is drawn as the opposite in the painting. As a woman living in this modern world, Doi allows folklore to be turned into a modern version.

No superiority, inferiority, or hate exists in her paintings - only the power of now exists. Doiʼs paintings are a great reminder for all of us who live in this modern society that humans never learn but we all deserve nothing but love.